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The earliest known ballets were lavish costumed and masked events performed in Italy’s renaissance courts. From here, France gave birth to its own brand of ballet in 1581 with the first complete score that survived. Ten years later, Louis XIV opened the Academie Royale de Danse, the first recorded school of ballet. It is here where the masters were born and where the court ballet opened the doors to professional dancing. Ballet is at the core of The Woodbridge School of Dance’s curriculum; it is the place from where all dance forms were born. To master ballet is to master all dance and our programs are among the most comprehensive in Canada. Our classical ballet teachers are highly skilled and trained dancing professionals. Beginner students will receive a rewarding and exciting experience in the technique of classical ballet, from the study of basic feet, arm and body positions to the introduction of the "barre". Here, the fundamentals – ballet exercises, centre practice and dance step combinations – reinforce traditional classical ballet. In the senior level, pupils will develop the technical, artistic and performance skills of the adagio, pirouette and allegro, the prerequisites for eligibility into WSD’s advanced pointe classes.


Ballet will give students the fundamentals in classical and contemporary ballet to pursue their ballerina dreams. This course will combine creative movement with the basics to advance in all aspects of ballet, giving the opportunity for development of grace and creativity. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Improve strength, poise, balance, and control. Technical skill gained through the study of ballet is necessary for all other forms of dance. Students considering competing or pursuing in dance in the future should enroll in a ballet class. All ballet classes follow the R.A.D. method (Royal Academy of Dance). Pointe classes are also available to advanced students.


R.A.D. Ballet Exams


RAD is internationally recognized and has a high standard for technique. In order to be eligiable to take the exam students must enroll in TWO ballet classes per week. Students will need to be selected by the ballet instructor.


The passing grade is 40% so we can expect everything to be 10% lower than with usual grades.

Pass                              40-54 
Pass with Merit            55-74 
Pass with Distinction  75-100

It is very difficult for a candidate to receive a Pass with Distinction - it requires precise technique, strong posture, dynamic movement and a high level of musicality and performance quality. It is the highest standard held by the RAD at each grade and would be an honour to achieve.

If you'd like more information have a look around the RAD UK website: 
Pointe Pointe

Pointe Pointe Pointe